Monday, December 23, 2013

Gold Manipulation is outed!

Those of us that can read a chart already knew of this action in the commodity world.  It extends to all commodities but the gold manipulation is pertinent due to its monetary value.  The banks, just like we would if we had unlimited funds, buy and trade the commodities like currency.  The mere fact that position limits seem non-existent for the banks give them the advantage on both sides of the trade.  Here we have the media and a professor chiming in.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Often has the Fed Tightened in December?

Even if the Fed chooses to reduce stimulus this month, it still leaves monetary policy extremely accommodative. So while history suggests that the central bank will prefer to wait until after the holidays to reduce monthly bond buys, knowing that they are delaying the inevitable, December tapering is still on the table.

How Often has the Fed Tightened in December? | BK Asset Management

Is Bitcoin a Viable Currency?

With JP Morgan patenting their "payment system", it seems that BitCoin may be coming into its own.  Many are saying that BitCoin may be the "NEW CURRENCY" of the future financial system.
Imagine that there was a payment system that allowed you to instantly move money anywhere on the globe, between any currencies, securely, at virtually no cost—and without reliance on intermediaries, like banks. Now imagine that system only accepted one currency to mediate these transactions. Surely, that currency would have value, and, in turn, each unit of that currency would have value. Well, that payment system is the bitcoin network, running the bitcoin software, and the currency unit is bitcoins. Because bitcoin (the software, payment system, and network) has value, bitcoins (the currency units) have value.

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