Friday, October 31, 2014

Swiss Gold Initiative PayPal Account Frozen

The powers that be are using any all efforts to bring the demise of the metal investor.  We must continue to $tack at these lower prices and know that when the SHTF we will be covered.

If you look at the stress tests in Europe, 25 banks failed.  But the stress test was devised in such a way that most banks passed.  Virtually all of them would have failed a normal stress test.  But even the banks which did not pass the test won’t have to take measures to pass at a later stage.  The bad debt in Europe is now over $1 trillion euros.  This will eventually mean even more massive money printing in Europe.  

So people need to be patient and focus on the fundamentals as the Western central planners push the gold and silver prices around one last time in their game of psychological warfare against hard asset investors.  Before this is over, Eric, the people invested in gold and silver will see the prices of the only true money the world has ever seen skyrocket.”

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